12 gauge speaker wire bunnings HEAVY DUTY SPEAKER CABLE, 16 GUAGE 10 Perfect 12 Gauge Speaker Wire Bunnings Pictures

10 Perfect 12 Gauge Speaker Wire Bunnings Pictures

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10 Perfect 12 Gauge Speaker Wire Bunnings Pictures - 1. Pick out your mounts. When you have a 5.1 or 7.1 domestic theatre surround sound setup, shop round for small wall mounts. Satellite tv for pc audio system are pretty small and light, so that they do not require heavy obligation brackets or mounting hardware. Speaker mounts with 4-5kg scores should suffice for most satellite audio system.

Drill an 8mm hollow in drywall, or 6mm x 50mm hole into a solid timber stud. If drilling into brick or masonry, you may want a hammer drill and 6mm masonry drill bit. Easy out the holes and then insert the suitable wall anchors.

2. Plan the location. When you start making holes in the wall, there may be no turning lower back, so plan your speaker placement carefully. Preferably, you're going to need your speakers spaced evenly aside, along with your tv and seating location inside the centre. (For ease of demonstration, these pics depict a speaker being installed to a unfastened 2x4. Because i'm not tearing up my wall for you. No offence.).

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