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12 New 12 Gauge Wire, Amps Galleries

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New 12 Gauge Wire, Amps Galleries - Now the query is, what gauge copper twine i have to use a good way to deliver max 60a to the vesc (30a for every vesc = 30a for each motor) without inflicting an excessive amount of warmth at the cord or worse case destroy the cord connection…? I study a few publish announcing 14 awg is sufficient however i’m no longer without a doubt positive… loads human beings use simplest 2-three layer nickel strip that may supply less present day evaluate to copper cord, however haven't any hassle in any respect…. I’m making plans to construct my personal battery p.C. For my board… i’ve finished my research on the way to build them and so on but one aspect i nevertheless can’t recognize is selecting the copper wire size for soldering… i don’t have spot welder so soldering is my best choice for now… from what i understand, copper twine can supply better modern-day compare to nickel strip… btw, my configuration is 10s3p and i may be using dual alien 190kv 6355….

@bladez no longer precisely sure what you’re going to apply that copper cord for, however normally we use shielded (silicone) twine until you’re making quick connections and they'll be wrapped in every other way. I can’t read the description however go searching for battery builds right here and you’ll find plenty of examples and element lists. I suppose you could make it with all down to 1mm since the max modern-day draw pr cellular is 60/10 = 6a. Which is not alot. But as an alternative be on the secure side with a bit thicker cord.

So based totally in this diagram having 10-14 gauge wire for the battery connection is okay for my construct right…? Due to the fact that 14 gauge wire can permit up to 24a modern-day even as 10 gauge cord can pass up to 52a… i suppose i'd use 12 gauge twine among the cells and 10 gauge for the effective and poor end…. Good day. I’m following your diagram to build the identical battery for the reason that configuration is the fine for soldering stable copper. ( I recognize soldering isn’t the pleasant manner), sorry if i’m being silly however do you need to insulate between the 2 rows of 15 while pushing collectively or can the entirety be pushed collectively then shrink wrapped. Cheers men!!.