18 gauge kanthal wire Dual 10 wrap 18 Gauge Kanthal, Sigelei 100w. 0.15 ohms. : Coilporn 12 Top 18 Gauge Kanthal Wire Pictures

12 Top 18 Gauge Kanthal Wire Pictures

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18 Gauge Kanthal Wire - I'm now not one hundred certain but i'd say it's three/32. Only a heads up it slightly suits within the doge. It took me for all time to get it to take a seat simply proper. However if you could manipulate, it vapes like a dream. It's a battery hog even though. The method for floor present day load for kanthal a-1 is among 14 and 32 watts per squareinch of twine floor place, the higher the temperature you intend to perform on the decrease the cutting-edge load capacity. To get the suitable cord gauge you need to realize your supposed voltage and amperage (as much as you, however you may need the correct ohms in keeping with foot to reach your intended amperage) the method for floor location of a cylinder is as follows (i'm not consisting of the pinnacle and bottom of the wire as it isn't vital for our case) (2 x pi) x radius x peak. Example 16awg twine has a diameter of .0508 first divide .0508/2 = .0254 radius. Then multiply {(2 x pi) three.14 x 2=6.28} .0254 x 6.28=0.159512. Now you need to parent out how many feet of twine you need to attain your preferred ohms. For this talk to the opposite layout notes: referenced above. For smooth reference i'll use the 2200 watt @ 120v design of 2 element runs of 38.5 ft each. First we want to convert the whole length of both wires to inches to attain the full floor region of both runs, that is as follows 38.Five x 2 = seventy seven. 77ft converted to inches, seventy seven x 12 = 924 inches total length. Now we take our in advance calculation of .0254 x 6.28 = .159512 and multiply this by our 924" to get our general surface region in rectangular inches. .0254x6.28x924= 147.389088 sq.In. Now that we have our total surface region we will determine our surface loading for our cord. Kanthal's furnace-mini-guide pg 9 determine 4 (a. Kanthal a-1 spiral wound in grooves) shows for our desired temperature of approximately 1830f our most recommended floor load is nineteen watts consistent with squarein. So now we take our overall of 147.389088 sq.In and multiply via 19. 147.389088x19= 2800.392672 watts surface loading ability. Whilst selecting twine gauge it's first-rate to stay 10-20 underneath the max floor load with the intention to have the longest usable lifestyles of the detail.