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12 Top 2017 Super Duty Upfitter Switches Wiring Solutions

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12 Top 2017 Super Duty Upfitter Switches Wiring Solutions - I haven’t had a trouble with the switches considering the fact that i haven’t used them. I did plug the harness for the switches with the four wires into the connector at the back of the dash, proper of the glove container. I didn’t plug the opposite multi cord harness in considering that i don't have any want for those circuits. I just assumed the 4 wire connector turned into for the aux, switches and did no longer test them. Can be i used to be wrong and there not for the switches. It might had been fine if ford provided information with the wiring package.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, i've a ford area provider engineer looking on the hassle or even he is pressured about in which they put the outputs. I assume they moved all outputs for the switches to the forty two pin connector in the back of the glove field. However i don’t want to strip and check forty two unique wires. I was hoping they might have launched some other carrier bulletin through now.

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