700r4 lockup wiring toggle switch HOT, Rescue: Lockup a 700-R4 Torque Converter Without a 12 Most 700R4 Lockup Wiring Toggle Switch Solutions

12 Most 700R4 Lockup Wiring Toggle Switch Solutions

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700R4 Lockup Wiring Toggle Switch - Rollings normally prefers manual tcc lockup manipulate via a sprint-set up switch; the converter locks up in fourth tools handiest while the driving force goals lockup. In rollings’ opinion, manual lockup offers the first-rate of each worlds: non-lockup operation for in-metropolis driving; lockup in fourth (overdrive) equipment for sustained, steady-nation cruising. Any 30-amp-rated pushbutton, paddle, or toggle switch may be used. Supply 12 volts to the switch’s enter side from either a fuse container accessory-tap or (as stressed out on jacoby’s rod) from the ignition transfer accent terminal.

Although the rod turned into lively around metropolis, toll road riding turned into a ache. ??at the freeway, it tach’d too excessive due to the fact the torque converter wouldn’t lock up,” jacoby complained. In fact, many retrofit warm rod seven-hundred-r4s are brought with out a purposeful torque converter seize (tcc) lockup circuit, ostensibly to prevent a modded engine and trans from “searching” (leaping inside and outside of lockup) for the duration of regular stop-and-move using. As locking up the converter around city can make a car experience lazy, non-lockup proponents hold you’ll see better initial response at throttle tip-in. The non-lockup’s drawback is prolonged regular-nation cruising with better-than-stock converter stall speeds generates immoderate warmness, shortening the transmission’s life expectancy. And because fourth gear sustained cruise rpm is better with a non-lockup converter, gasoline mileage decreases, partly negating the blessings of overdrive.

You’ll need to drop the trans oil pan and filter to test for the vital internal parts. If the tcc solenoid, fourth-tools strain switch, valvebody-facet harness, case skip-via adaptor, and inner connectors are already present in the trans, you’ll best need the sprint switch, approximately 10 feet of good automobile-grade stranded hookup twine (now not solid household wire), the relay, the relay connector plug, the tcc outside weatherpack connector, and miscellaneous butt splices, ring terminals, and spade terminals. If any of the opposite parts are missing on your trans, they’re to be had through aftermarket sources.

It’s smooth to take gain of the 1982–1990 seven hundred-r4’s lockup function in a retrofit, noncomputer application. Wiring the circuit up is a simple challenge for the common hot rodder. A similar scheme works for a th350c, th200-4r, and 1991–1993 4l60 (non-“e”).