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11 Most Copper Wire Electrical Box Images

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11 Most Copper Wire Electrical Box Images - I opened the mild switches and electrical outlets on the partitions earlier than the portray task and located inside the metal casing bins there had been two bare copper wires connected at the same screw, they had been laid across and touched every other. Will this cause fireplace? I presume they may be ground wires however why do they need to the touch? The house is 60 years vintage. I assume the black from the breaker have to visit the black from the transfer. Then the 2 whites should hook into the light. The white from the switch will now become the hot/advantageous wire.

As you could see, what i have achieved for now is i've made a little loop at the end of the copper wire and looped it around one of the metal wires. This "works", within the feel that my multimeter tells me that there may be 120v between line and the copper ground wire, but obviously it is an awful connection and that i need to do some thing better. In case you sincerely need to connect with a ground with out slicing and splicing the original, i would endorse a break up bolt. It will look bizarre as hell in an outlet container, but if you thoroughly clean/abrade the prevailing ground so it makes suitable contact, a cut up bolt need to do the trick.

If it is really how the wiring is running thru the constructing, you want a "switch loop" configuration. Hot (black) to mild field to replace; transfer output (white relabelled black or purple) to lamp warm (black); lamp impartial (white) to impartial strolling lower back to the breaker container (white). (or the complete opposite is proper... I'm no longer certain if it matters.) At any charge... The circuit need to glide to the switch. Without seeing the fixture, i am guessing it does not count which high quality/bad hookup on it you operate, as they're probably connected.

I have established many insteon gadgets before. The first thing i do, and my satisfactory recommend, is to unfold out all the wiring after removing he vintage switch and earlier than installing the brand new, to realize truely what you need to paintings with.