electrical wiring residential chapter 2 answers TMAG 4005, Chapter 2 Review Questions Part 1—Electrical 14 Nice Electrical Wiring Residential Chapter 2 Answers Ideas

14 Nice Electrical Wiring Residential Chapter 2 Answers Ideas

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14 Nice Electrical Wiring Residential Chapter 2 Answers Ideas - Two 12/2 and two 14/2 nonmetallic-sheathed awg cables enter a container. Each cable has an equipment grounding conductor. The 12 awg conductors are linked to a receptacle. Of the 14 awg conductors are related to a toggle switch. The other two 14 awg conductors are spliced collectively in view that they serve as a transfer loop. The box contains two cable clamps. Calculate the minimum cubic-inch volume required for the field. Solution: ground cord----#12 (2.25cu. In.)??1 x 2.25 ----------2.25 cu. In. Conductors: 2—#12/2 ---- 2 x 2 x 2.25 ------------------------------9.00 cu. In. 2—#14/2 ---- 2 x 2 x 2.00 ------------------------------eight.00 cu. In. Gadgets: 1—toggle switch –1 x 2 x 2.25 ------------------------4.50 cu. In. 1—receptacle –1 x 2 x 2.25 ----------------------------4.50 cu. In. Fittings (clamps) 2—cable clamps—1 x 2.25 ----------------------------2.25 cu. In. ------------------------------------------------------------- 31.50 cu. In. The usage of the equal number and length of conductors as in questions 28, but the use of electric metal tubing, calculate the minimum cubic-inch volume required for the field. There may be no separate equipment grounding conductors, nor will there be any clamps in the field. Answer: ground twine—should determine on one ground wire due to the nearby code requirement of all conduit systems requiring a floor wire. The answers might be the identical due to the fact the electric metallic tubing will require the usage of metallic connectors that should enter the field, you will count number them as fittings, because of this that no matter how many fittings are entering the container the you may determine it at ( 1-times the cubic inch of the largest conductor that enters the box. To allow for ok conductor period at electric outlet and device boxed to make up connections, three hundred.14 requires that now not much less than [ 3 in.(75 mm). 6 in. (150 mm), 9 in. (225 mm)] of conductor length be provided. This period is measured from where the conductor emerges from the cable or raceway to the cease of the conductor. For box openings having any measurement less than 8in. (200mm), the minimum period of conductor measured form the field opening inside the wall to the quit of the conductor is [ three in. (75 mm), 6 in. (A hundred and fifty mm), 9 in. (225 mm). Circle the proper answer. Solution web page 21 figure 2-2 whilst wiring a house, what should be considered while installing wall bins on both facets of a not unusual partition that separates the garage and a habitable room? The fire rating of the partitions have to be maintained which means that containers won't be hooked up “again to returned” or inside the equal air void. A separation of 24 inches horizontal must be maintained unless the containers are indexed as being fire resistant. The bins which are at the fire rated wall should be well blanketed or encased with a fireplace puddy. Does the nec® allow steel raceways to be used with nonmetallic boxes? Sure _____x______ no__________ nec®______nec® 314.3 (exception) –previded that each one steel raceways or cables coming into the container are bonded together to maintanin the integrity of the grounding path to other equipment in the installation. P. 33.