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15 Perfect Honeywell Smart Thermostat Wiring Diagram Ideas

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15 Perfect Honeywell Smart Thermostat Wiring Diagram Ideas - Label every cord in step with the terminal to which it’s connected.? in our case, the inexperienced twine become related to the c terminal, the yellow cord become related to the y terminal, the white twine to the o/b terminal, and the red wire to the r terminal. Slide the new wall plate over the wires, again, being careful not to lose the tags you applied earlier, and to prevent the thermostat cable from falling into the wall interior.? confirm that the up arrow on the plate is pointing up.? within the above photo, this arrow shows which manner the plate have to be hooked up.

Or, perhaps you do not want to sacrifice manual fan manipulate, but haven't any unused conductors to be had in your thermostat cable.? in this example, run an extra “chaser” wire out of your furnace to the thermostat if practical. Often, this will be completed at the principle breaker panel on your dwelling.? but sometimes, furnace installations offer a separate power transfer for this purpose.? our furnace has a widespread one hundred twenty volt ac mains plug that interrupts mains power to it while pulled out.

In case your modern-day thermostat cable does now not provide any extra, unused conductors, you can opt, as we did, to use the fan cord because the c wire.? in doing this however, you sacrifice the potential to turn the circulating fan on and off manually at the thermostat. In case you do now not have well spaced holes, you’ll want to make a few.? we advocate applying small wall anchors (ours are blue in the pix above).? comply with the techniques that come with the anchors for tapping and placing them.

Ensure you have got holes within the wall that line up with the corresponding mounting holes inside the new wall plate.?  in our case, our new honeywell rth9580wf t-stat has identically spaced mounting holes to the older thermostat we had before. Warning: additionally, be careful not to permit the wires to fall within the wall, as doing so will create predominant aggravation for you, due to the fact you’ll want to fish them out or run new cable.? to save you losing the cable into the wall, wrap it around a pencil, nail, or other such long object, to preserve it in location till you’re geared up to put in the brand new wall plate.