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15 Popular How To Install An Electrical Outlet Under A Sink Images

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How To Install An Electrical Outlet Under A Sink - The new junction box and receptacle could be set up at the lower back wall of the sink cupboard. The nm cable wishes to penetrate the cupboard floor directly under the junction field. I drilled a 1 inch hollow inside the cabinet bottom almost without delay above the hollow inside the subfloor with a wooden dull drill bit to reroute the nm-b cable. I dropped the flashlight attached to a lanyard so i wouldn’t lose it via the hollow within the bottom of the kitchen cupboard and used the dentist’s replicate tool to look for the hollow inside the subfloor to the basement ceiling crawlspace. The 2 holes had been offset by using several inches and with some finesse i was able to manual the nylon fish tape via the two holes:.

The way to cord an electrical outlet under the kitchen sink – fishing nm-b 14/2 cable from the basement circuit breaker panel to the kitchen sink cupboard. This challenge is continued from a way to twine an electrical outlet under the kitchen sink – part four. I needed approximately 35 toes of nm-b 12/2 cable plus a few greater to permit for waste to twine the outlet below the kitchen sink. I purchased a 50 foot roll of nm-b 12/2 cable at my local domestic development save. 12 gauge nm-b cable has a yellow insulation jacket while 14 gauge nm-b is white. Remember that 12 gauge cable is required for a 20 amp circuit.

Having eliminated the vintage branch circuit wiring and gfci electric outlet, i’m ready to drag nylon fish tape from the kitchen sink cabinet thru the basement ceiling crawlspace again to the circuit breaker panel. When the fish tape is pulled to the breaker panel, the brand new nm-b 12/2 cable might be connected to the tape and pulled to the kitchen sink. That is a a hundred foot spool of 3/8 inch diameter fish tape:. Working off the ladder within the basement, i used a long fiberglass pole with a application hook duct taped to the cease to attain over and catch the fish tape. It become complicated however i used to be able to manual the fish tape over the cross-runs of nm-b cables to preserve the new department circuit off the suspended drywall ceiling when you consider that i won’t be capable of fasten the nm-b cable with cable staples to the floor joists. The pink rectangular inside the photograph shows wherein the fish tape runs up thru the subfloor to the kitchen cupboard.