how to install electrical outlet in drop ceiling How to, an After-Works Outlet to, Ceiling 10 Fantastic How To Install Electrical Outlet In Drop Ceiling Ideas

10 Fantastic How To Install Electrical Outlet In Drop Ceiling Ideas

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10 Fantastic How To Install Electrical Outlet In Drop Ceiling Ideas - Thanks.? i'm kind of a newb in this area having simply bought my first projector a month ago, but wanted to recognise more approximately how you have strength strolling for your projector.? i idea i had to have a separate outlet that changed into set up in the ceiling tile, however perhaps their are different alternatives that i am not aware of?.

Thank you, wfest.? so, it looks i'll want to head up into the ceiling above the location wherein i will be mounting the projector.? from there, i will want to degree what period of pipe i will want to connect the mount (leaning toward the peerless prgunv for beneath $100) to the mount plate up in the ceiling region.? assuming i mount the projector in a manner in which best a bit of the extension pipe is displaying below the ceiling tile, the projector must be quite flush with the ceiling -- a distance of about eight-9 inches from the ceiling tile to the center of the lens.? at least, that's what i'm hoping.

I went ahead and bought the peerless prgunv mount for about $one hundred, and it's arriving tomorrow (sat).? i used to be hoping to find some pictures or experiences from different people on right here who have done something similar, however didn't have a great deal good fortune.? i'm assuming i will screw a couple portions of 2x4, and/or a small piece of plywood (any concept on thickness i would need?), To a few joists above the drop ceiling and attach the mounting plate to that.? then, i can discern out how long an extension pole i'll need and run the pole through a hollow i will cut inside the ceiling tile.? run the hdmi thru the pole, attach the peerless to the projector, screw the peerless onto the pole, and we must be precise!? what ought to pass wrong???. (2) assist wires. The set up shall comply with the provisions of 300.11(a). The enclosure will be secured, using strategies identified for the motive, to ceiling guide cord(s), including any extra help wire(s) hooked up for that reason. Aid twine(s) used for enclosure aid shall be mounted at every end on the way to be taut inside the ceiling cavity.