how to install recessed lights without cans Full Size of Pendant Lighting:gorgeous Pendant Lights, Recessed Cans Pendant Lights, Recessed 12 Nice How To Install Recessed Lights Without Cans Galleries

12 Nice How To Install Recessed Lights Without Cans Galleries

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Full Size Of Pendant Lighting:Gorgeous Pendant Lights, Recessed Cans Pendant Lights, Recessed - I mounted two new recessed led light fixtures using four" new production ic housings. The trouble is that both fixtures are not flush against the ceiling after installation, they're dipping down on one aspect 1/four" or so. Am i doing something incorrect? Is my 1990's(minnesota, united states of america) ceiling drywall too thick or something? Do i want a unique fixture? I'll rig some thing up with tape/glue/etc. If necessary however i just like the furnishings so don't need to return them. How can i am getting those furniture flush with the ceiling?.

I applaud your motivation to reuse hardware in this throwaway society. The economic price of the product isn't the simplest price. That metal and the paintings to provoke and shape it takes a variety of strength, chemicals, and water. You can make this a one man or woman activity if you are inclined to position two anchors in the plasterboard of ceiling to preserve the straps in region. As soon as the trim is set up,the anchors may be eliminated and the holes stuffed and paint touched up.

I have had a few success minimizing the gap by twisting the trim barely after the trim is meeting the ceiling. Twist it within the route that maintains the tension hands out at the lens. The wrong direction might also allow the anxiety fingers to collapse for elimination and you're again to rectangular one. I've tried removing the fixtures and reinstalling with the equal outcomes. The housings are as near the drywall as viable and secured beneath and to the perimeters of the ceiling joists. The housing itself does slide into the hollow inside the drywall approximately 1/4" i might bet however does no longer absolutely go into the room; i'm no longer sure if this is normal or now not. I have currently hooked up a few four" recessed furnishings (ic rated if it makes any difference) that had an incompatible plug for the lighting i bought. The cans came with a two-pin orange coloured plastic connector/harness, and the lighting (cree branded) got here with an edison fashion screw in connector. In an effort to make this work, i purchased a woman edison-style screw-in adapter (with a rubber shroud), cut off the orange connector on the cans, and used twine nuts to splice the female screw-in adapter into the can's wiring (see photo). The photograph makes this equipment appearance big however it fits very effortlessly into the hollow space above the light. Can i get thoughts on whether this passes muster with the electrical code? Or is it a bad concept for every other purpose?.