how to wire a light controller 10 Light Controller with Time Delay (60A 4-Wire Ha 11 Creative How To Wire A Light Controller Pictures

11 Creative How To Wire A Light Controller Pictures

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10 Light Controller With Time Delay (60A 4-Wire Ha - I have accessed the circuit board however am uncertain which connections to make to skip the multifunction bit. It'd be a simple remember to solder the appropriate connections on the circuit board if i knew which ones wished soldering. I am seeking to sign in with the wiki site to put up there, but so far with out success.

I purchased a few led lighting a few years ago but can’t recall if they may be suitable for outside. They're version yf-bs-3101. I’ve tried to perceive the symbols with out fulfillment. Does all of us understand if they may be good enough for out of doors usage? Thanks.

Are you able to assist me? I've a hard and fast of outdoor xmas lighting but the cord near the transformer has been reduce through, how can i wire them back collectively again? They're on a czjutai ac adaptor jt-1200 transformer and the label says 240/24v 50hz 2.4v/zero.16w i was just going to strip each reduce ends and tap together with insulating tape however dont need to cord the wring wires together – does that make feel?.

Now not certain the way to add photo’s here however i’ll try to describe what you want to do. There are 2 red wires that output to the real lights. In which they be part of the circuit board the are both adjoining to a sequence of pins (coming from a thyristor). A blob of solder joining the red cord to the two nearest pins should be applied for both purple wires.

(thank you for that, anonimée. I’ve authorized the remark so it appears right here, but every person who reads the link and makes a decision to have a go desires to be conscious that i’ve not examined any of the hints given, nor am i likely to, so don’t blame me if some thing goes wrong! Tc.). Hello trevor, in precept, and as long as these are low voltage led type lighting fixtures, what you want to do is pick out the go back and the two feeds popping out of the box of hints, snip all the wires around the box, connect the two feeds together, then connect the ones and the return directly to the 2 wires going into the box. However you’ll want to test that the voltage on the feeds is the same as that going into the box (my wager it’s 24v), and also make sure that you get the polarity accurate when you bypass the box (risk of destroying the leds). If you have a simple voltmeter and simple information of positives and negatives you should be ok! In any other case, buy a trick canine to work the button… appropriate luck, phil.