how to wire a z wave light switch Now, on, GE ZWave switch, I have more than just 3 options. Ground, Line, Load, Neutral, Traveler: 15 Fantastic How To Wire, Wave Light Switch Solutions

15 Fantastic How To Wire, Wave Light Switch Solutions

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Now, On, GE ZWave Switch, I Have More Than Just 3 Options. Ground, Line, Load, Neutral, Traveler: - These switches are the only ones present in the complete workplace; as i noted the left one (naked/purple/black) controls the fan’s light, at the same time as the proper one (bare/black/black) controls the fan.

Having said that, although, now i’m stressed about things. While i used to be putting in this particular switch for my workplace, it did sense a touch strange to be plugging the naked twine into the green terminal oddly placed in the top/middle of the ge transfer, and now not simply to one of the contrary corners from the line/load like on a regular switch.

As you could see, the upper green/ground terminal has nothing going to it… and my bare goes into the neutral slot - so i honestly did simply connect it as i might a “everyday switch”… and it in some way works? And has been working for months now?.

If that is what you have got, then for the road enter at the switches, hook up with the black from the two twine. For the weight output at the switches connect the black or crimson from the 3 cord. The impartial terminal on the switches receives related to the white inside the container. In this configuration, they’ll all be cord nutted collectively.

Edit/observe: i’m frightened about trying to mirror this configuration within the office due to the fact i need to mention i tried this configuration within the office for the fan mild (bare going to neutral terminal) and it definitely trips the breaker right now once i attempt to flip the breaker on (so now not even actuating the switch itself).

I used to be… certain that before when i did these, i simplest used corner terminals, so i simply went and looked at my access-way light switch (that works excellent), and here’s what i found- 2138x2851 2.Five mb. The neutral wire jdroberts mentions is a chunk puzzling to me as a) there are no “white” wires gift from this unique set that i'm able to plug in as the instructions call for. I think they could be buried somewhere inside the mess of twine nuts in the lower back but i have no longer appeared due to the fact b) i have three-four of those same ge switches someplace else within the house which can be operating efficaciously (for months) and feature by no means visible a white wire, handiest bare/black/black.