install ceiling light in old house electrical -, to hang modern fixture over, square recessed box?, Home Improvement Stack Exchange 15 Simple Install Ceiling Light In, House Solutions

15 Simple Install Ceiling Light In, House Solutions

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Simple Install Ceiling Light In, House Solutions - Approach 1: ceiling gray and black linked to fan black. Both whites to fan white. This worked at the beginning to show at the mild and fan at a unmarried velocity, however have become unresponsive to in addition commands. I hire an antique 1920's built house wherein an old hanging mild fixture junction field turned into covered with a blank panel. I need to hold a ceiling fan in this residing room, but while exposed i see this vintage junction field this is virtually in the plaster and would be a massive hassle to update.

The ceiling box has 5 wires coming out of it, two white, one grey, one black and one green/naked (floor). The black and gray had been connected to the black & blue leads from the old pull-chain fan & mild i eliminated. The 2 white i am not certain, as a minimum one became related to the old fan white lead, however i'm no longer positive about the second one, it can have come free after i moved the fan, however it changed into now not capped off. The black and one of the whites seem like a slightly smaller gauge cord. The grey can also just be a clearly vintage black. This antique electrical container isn't always rated for contemporary lovers. It does now not have the the 8-32 screw tabs on two sides. I propose to take away this vintage metallic field and update it with a new shallow fan field. Truly this vintage container is screwed to a ground or ceiling joist in an antique home. The brand new ceiling field can also be screwed to the joist. Make sure to turn off the energy earlier than attempting this or call an electrician.

Approach 2: capped off one by one the smaller gauge black and white within the ceiling, and placed the ceiling grey to fan black, and white to fan white. Lamentably, this led to no activity at the fan after restoring electricity and attempting the transfer. Join the gray to the smaller gauge black, the white that is going with the gray to the fan black, and the fan white to the smaller gauge white; keep in mind to mark the white that is going with the grey with a chunk of black tape!.