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12 Perfect Lighting On Wire Track 12V Collections

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Lighting On Wire Track 12V - After posting a photograph of my table and lighting in shannim's desk lamp thread, shannim and others expressed an hobby in how i made the lighting. The photograph beneath suggests the extent of what i did for the maximum component. Two copper pipes sandwiched among a couple blocks of plastic with eyebolts holding the entirety collectively. Right here's the listing of materials i used. A number of these items i had handy and isn't always with ease to be had at your nearest home depot, so substitutions may be needed. 1/4" tender copper tubing additionally called fridge coil. I found 20' to be best for my setup. Can be found at home depot for approximately $8. Used for the 2 song rails. 14 gauge copper cord 50' need to be lots. Also determined at home depot. I do not know what their in keeping with foot value is, however i can not imagine this costing any extra than $5. Used for striking the lighting fixtures and the music. Half" square percent plastic bar three' of the stuff. This could be one of the trickier items to get ahold of. I got mine from mcmaster-carr, however, they handiest promote it in 5' lengths wherein case the delivery can get prohibitively costly (i found out the difficult way, the bar itself best fee $four). As an opportunity, you could use wooden which shouldn't value greater than $five. 150w 12v transformer in view that halogen lighting fixtures run off of 12v, you'll need a transformer. 150w need to be enough for most setups. The wattages of the lighting should not upload as much as greater than the score on the transformer (e.G. For a 150w transformer, you could have up to 3 50w bulbs or five 30w bulbs). I were given my transformer and lights from a guy on ebay, however, i did locate a place on line selling them. Has them for approximately $40. Dimmer switch this allows you to alter the brightness of the lights. Without difficulty observed at domestic depot for approximately $11. You can purchase one of these 50 cent eletrical containers to place it in as well to avoid having exposed line voltage contacts. Hookup twine just your preferred electricity wire type wire for hooking up electricity. 25' should be enough and should not value extra than $three at domestic depot. Eye bolts, nuts, and washers you may need 2 eye bolts, 2 nuts, and 4 washers for each block. My setup uses 4 blocks to keep everything together. Domestic depot sells eye bolt - nut pairs in applications of two for $0.Ninety, plus the washers. This stuff need to be about $five. Amp generic sockets i used these to attach the lights to wires. They can be ordered on-line from mouser. You may need at least 10 (2 in keeping with light). A inexpensive method is probably to buy those crimping connectors () at domestic depot, however haven't tried those so i don't know how well they would work. Worst case could possibly be about $7. Eye screws used approximately 8 of these to cling the music and lighting fixtures from the ceiling. They are no longer terribly at ease, but i failed to need to position massive holes into the ceiling. If that's not a concern, toggle bolts might possibly be a higher concept. At most, this runs $three. Mr16 halogen bulbs the actual lighting with a purpose to be hung from the tune. They come in 20w, 35w, and 50w varities. I've discovered the 35w bulbs to be proper, the 50w ones had been a bit vivid, even though they may be suitable for oblique mild when pointed for about $2 a chunk or from domestic depot for significantly greater. A complete of approximately $10 for 5. After totaling all that up, it's looking to cost approximately $one hundred, which is a lot extra than i thought it would be. However, that is additionally assuming you've got to buy the whole thing. A variety of the small hardware and cord is stuff most people have across the residence (nicely, at the least at my residence). Reduce off 8 4 inch portions of the % bar (or timber). It enables to reduce straighter than i did. Tape bars collectively and and drill holes 3in apart. The holes ought to be a touch bigger than the diameter of the eye bolts. Fasten the bars collectively the use of the attention bolts. Put the washers on the top and bottom of the bars (now not pictured). Then drill 1/4" holes 1.Five" aside inbetween the 2 bars. I found a belt sander can right away make the ends of the blocks even supposing they aren't already. At the floor, position/bend the copper tubing into the form you need. This is the trickiest part, getting the whole lot directly. When you have the entirety like you need it, attach the blocks at regular periods. Screw the eye screws or toggle bolts inside the the precise positions at the ceiling. Use string to first of all dangle the track from the eye screws. Once you've got it in position, update the string with the 14 gauge twine. To attach the sockets to the lamps, you could need fold the socket in on itself barely with pliers if it doesn't healthy snugly enough on the halogen lamp pins. After attaching the sockets or the crimping connectors to the bulbs, attach brief sections of the 14 gauge wire. The very last mild fixture need to appearance some thing like this: in the end we hook up the dimmer and transformer to the song. The wall plug have to visit the dimmer, then from the dimmer to the transformer, and finally from the transformer to the track. I have absolutely wound the cord around the song, but, i plan on converting that to some thing extra robust as soon as i discern out what i want to do with the wires. And that is about it. To be honest, for an additional $30 - $50 you can simply buy a song lighting kit that'll probable appearance lots nicer, however, there may be something approximately doing it yourself :). I think i positioned a ways too much attempt into this post than was wished. Anyhow, i hope you experience. [This message was edited by keyan on september 07, 2003 at 03:42.].