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Mainstays Ceiling, Wiring Diagram - Most ceiling lovers come with a mounting bracket; if yours does not, you may purchase a mounting kit one at a time. Connect this bracket to the ceiling box following the producer’s instructions. This bracket usually has a round receptacle for a ball mount mounted at the fan motor or extension rod. If you do now not have get admission to to work above the ceiling, you could set up an expanding metallic brace from underneath to assist the ceiling field and fan. First, eliminate the present box, then insert the brace up thru the hollow and relaxed it in function via ratcheting the mechanism into area. Because the ratchet is became from under, hands at the brace make bigger until they touch the ceiling joists on both aspects of the hollow (picture 3 demonstration). The spikes on the hands anchor securely into the timber. A few braces are available with a ceiling box connected, or you may connect the present ceiling container to the brace.

Connect the fan motor wires to the house wiring. Normally, this calls for connecting black to black (“hot”) wires and white to white (“neutral”) wires. If the fan has a bare copper or green insulated twine, attach this to the existing floor cord and join both to the metal electric field. Additional wires or a receiving unit can be covered for an optional remote manage operator, which lets in you to manipulate the fan and mild without a transfer or pull-chain. Comply with the producer’s wiring commands cautiously. Use twine nuts to secure all connections. Due to the fact mounting a fan too close to the ceiling restricts air stream, an extension rod of any duration is usually endorsed. If you use an extension rod to droop the fan, briefly tape the ends of the fan motor wiring together and pull the wiring thru the rod. Attach the rod to the fan motor, and cozy the ball mount on the higher quit of the rod.

When you have get right of entry to from above, you can make and deploy your personal support brace using a length of 2x4 lumber nailed to the ceiling joists on both aspects of the field area (photograph 2). Position the brace at once above the ceiling box. From under, use wooden screws to attach the ceiling field securely to the brace.