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13 Best Replacing Light Switch, Wire Ideas

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13 Best Replacing Light Switch, Wire Ideas - It's against code so i don't advise it but the wemo may even work if you join it is white to ground. ?to try this you'll have to use the black as the line, red as return, and you'd need to hold the alternative turn on all the time. ?this would be a further  code/protection violation if a 3 manner transfer was required (as is maximum probably the case).

Quote" i got the wemo mild switch hooked up through connecting the pink wire to one of the wemo black wires, connecting what seems to be the not unusual black wire to the wemo and just capping the leftover black twine that became inside the container".

Your very clear pics show a purple-white pair coming from a electricity source and going to a light fixture, with a switch inserted into the red (warm) lead.? you have to determine out which pair (which conduit, left or proper) is coming from the power source and which one is going to the light fixture.? use a probe capable of piercing the insulation on the white twine (or just cut it, due to the fact that you have to reduce it anyway to install the gfci outlet).? flip off the mild and measure the voltage among the white twine and every of the purple wires.? the pink-white pair that has voltage on it's far the pair coming from the energy supply.? transfer off the circuit breaker and join this pink-white pair to the road terminals of the gfci.? connect the white wire from the mild fixture to the white cord at the gfci.? connect the transfer among the pink wire coming from the light fixture and the purple wire on the gfci.? you're right, the shortage of a ground cord is ok; a gfci can be used for a -twine outlet.? see the sketches below.? the hardest a part of this activity can be enlarging the outlet within the tile without cracking adjacent tiles, casting off the single container, and installing a double field for the gfci outlet and switch.

I have the equal thing, however i have a white neutral and copper floor -- no problem there. ?i just do not know a way to deal with connecting three wires ( black one crimson) from the container to two wires on the brand new switch. ?.