salus wireless thermostat wiring diagram how to wire salus rt500rf to valiant, pro tec, DIYnot Forums 11 Practical Salus Wireless Thermostat Wiring Diagram Collections

11 Practical Salus Wireless Thermostat Wiring Diagram Collections

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How To Wire Salus Rt500Rf To Valiant, Pro Tec, DIYnot Forums - The y-plan system diagram below indicates a hard and fast room thermostat.? be aware the in constructed resistor between connections 2 and three.? it's miles a 330k 0.25w resistor and is intended to improve the temperature stabilisation of the constant stat. ?however, in the case of the overrun problem it has the impact of drawing down the residual voltage left on the “boiler on” connection at the same time as there may be a pump overrun by means of appearing as a pull-down resistor. It does this by pulling pin five on the main connector block to neutral, which in turn pulls the orange boiler feed signal (the white cord on the zone valve is connected without delay to the orange wire via sw2 within the quarter valve when within the ch most effective position). ?so there may be an immediate connection between the “boiler on” and the resistor on connector 2 of the constant thermostat. So is the salus rt300 rf well suited with a y-plan system?? nicely yes and it really works thoroughly but get keep of a 330kω resistor first to pull down the live imperative heating feed when you have a boiler with a pump overrun that well-knownshows the symptoms described.

The salus rt500rf digital wireless programmable room thermostat is perfect to be used in places in which it is not realistic to run wires among the thermostat area and other controls inside the heating system. The wireless rf model has all of the features of the rt500 with the added ease of no wires. Again, preserving straightforwardness of set up for the installer. The capacitor or resistor has the identical effect in an ac circuit and eliminates the 240v from the ch (boiler on line) and switches the sector valve returned (there is a small motor inside the quarter valve) thereby switching off the boiler via pin 8 on the principle block connector.

Now deploy the “keep down” resistor or capacitor between pin 5 on the main block connector and neutral. ?this may be applied on the boiler give up or stat stop of the boiler feed line (shown on the stat cease in the circuit diagram). ?as you can see the restoration is easy. ?a 330kω resistor and related among the “neutral” connection and the “usually open” connection in the salus receiver will emulate having a resistor in the salus just like the fixed room stat does.