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10 Popular Thermostat Wiring Diagram C Wire Ideas

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10 Popular Thermostat Wiring Diagram C Wire Ideas - The other snap shots and schematics are superb. The "c" twine is attached to chassis floor, also called 24v not unusual. See photo, above. In my machine, a blue twine runs from the 24v commonplace to the thermostat however changed into unused at the vintage thermostat. I related it to the "c" terminal of the new thermostat. When you have to run a brand new twine, and the computer board has no "c" terminal (very vintage computer board), you may join one stop of the new wire to any metallic part of the blower assembly (chassis) and run the brand new cord to the "c" terminal within the new thermostat. Similarly, the chassis of the blower meeting and computer board ought to be linked to earth ground through the ac energy cable. In that case, and also you can't run a brand new wire, you can locate the nearest earth floor to the thermostat and connect the "c" terminal of the thermostat to earth ground. You may not lose your fan control wire. All the different wires inside the thermostat stay the same from old to new.

I am seeking to install a new honeywell touchscreen wifi thermostat and want to feature a c wire to my terminal inside the furnace (the usage of the assist discovered at how am i able to add a "c" wire to my thermostat?). However.. I've a white wire that runs from the a/c unit outside that is linked to the c terminal at the furnace. If i run an 18/five wire from the terminal to the thermostat, will this purpose a hassle or a brief? I'm completely lost as to why there is a c cord strolling from the terminal outside to the a/c relay. I do not want to move the inexperienced wire as honeywell indicates and lose the energy to operate my blower manually.

Note the cable going to the condensing unit has a red cord connected to the y terminal within the furnace, and a white twine connected to the c terminal. While the thermostat requires cool, it does so through energizing the y terminal (connecting r to y). This presents power to the coil of the contactor, which lets in it to close the contacts and turn the condensing unit on. The opposite side of the contactor coil is attached to the c terminal, as to provide a entire circuit.