transformer/thermostat wiring diagram Step Up Transformer, To, Wiring Diagram Valid Ac Transformer Wiring Diagram Fresh Ac Thermostat Wiring Diagram 15 Most Transformer/Thermostat Wiring Diagram Pictures

15 Most Transformer/Thermostat Wiring Diagram Pictures

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Step Up Transformer, To, Wiring Diagram Valid Ac Transformer Wiring Diagram Fresh Ac Thermostat Wiring Diagram - I'm the fellow who posted the question and wanted to answe it in component with my studies. The advised transformer is 24vac and forty va. So it's 1.667 amps or forty nine watts. I've a question in to honeywell as to how i have power one rth9580 attracts. Some other post stated that honeywell replied 1.5a which sounds excessive. One of the opinions on a comparable 40va transformer said it runs warm with one other version of wifi thermostat. So i'd be willing to use two transformers (one according to thermostat). A further related notion is i could have run power wires to my boiler/furnace which has a com outlet, but that would be energy stealing as tom said above. In this example if i blew that switchboard i'd be out $three hundred instead of a $15 transformer. Yet some other concept is i might go away my vintage honeywell mercury thermostat and its wiring in as a backup. I'll pass the description of the wiring of the a/b transfer i'll installation by using the boiler. The common sense is the mercury ones paintings well and by no means had problems, and they're tough to shop for. As tom referred to, wifi can suck while wifi isn't running.

Thank you for this article! To concur with any other put up, for my system the transformer had to be connected to the rh and c terminals; didn't work connected to the rc terminal. I have a manipulate-four thermostat best handling the heat related to a gasoline boiler.

I am seeking to use an rth8580wf with an ancient singer furnace and a name-unknown a/c unit. There was no c twine coming to the existing thermostat. *Honeywell informed me there may be no manner to use a separate transformer* with this thermostat, so i followed the instructions in one in all their "legit" training movies on youtube for re-purposing the g cord as a c twine. This works fine for heating, but whilst we set the thermostat to cool, it "wait"s for several (five?) Mins, and the instantaneous the relay clicks the thermostat loses energy then right away powers up once more with the "wait" indicator displayed. The machine never does clearly begin cooling. After i referred to as honeywell again, they said that re-purposing the g cord is supposed only as a transient degree and might not work with all systems; they recommended strolling a separate c wire or using one of their wire saver modules.