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10 Popular Vc1 Thermostat Wiring Diagram Solutions

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Popular Vc1 Thermostat Wiring Diagram Solutions - Fig. 1 indicates the arrangement of figs. 1a and 1b which are quantities of a single schematic of a previous art machine, fig. 1a displaying a thermostat interface circuit and fig. 1b showing a microprocessor and a relay output segment;. As shown in fig. 1c, a nominal voltage of 24 volts ac rms (as referenced to earth floor commonplace supplied via connector p1, pin 2) is provided to the circuit board through connector p1, and is then despatched to the wall thermostat thru a five amp fuse as the signal called r. 24 vac is also rectified by using the overall wave bridge rectifier inclusive of diodes cr1, cr2, cr3, and cr4 to come to be the pulsed dc relay power voltage called fan1. Capacitors c10 and c11 and resistor r4 provide emi noise suppression. Diode cr7, capacitor c12, and resistor r31 rectify and filter out fan1 to make a 2nd relay pressure strength supply with a better rms voltage referred to as 24vc3 which then passes via thermal restriction switches to end up the 24vc1 relay power voltage. Diode cr10, capacitor c5, and resistor r37 rectify and filter 24vc1 to make a 3rd relay drive strength deliver with an excellent better rms voltage known as 24vc2.

An item of the prevailing invention is the provision of an digital temperature control device which overcomes the above stated earlier artwork barriers. Every other object of the invention is the supply of a microprocessor temperature manage system that's of distinctly low fee, dependable and one having reduced heat and strength necessities. The fan1 power supply is conditioned by using diode cr6, resistor r32, capacitor c4, resistors r15, r3, zener diode zr1, and capacitor c1 to turn out to be a lower dc voltage referred to as five v that's used for the microprocessor and associated circuitry.

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