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Amazon.Com: Blast King IR2X10B-500 10 Gauge 500-Feet Speaker Wire: Musical Instruments - I've a 2006 silverado it has a one hundred forty five amp alternator. I've a kenwood kdc-x399 headunit- one kicker 40tcwrt104 subwoofer hooked to a planet audio p300.Three amp (specifications, bridged energy four ohms 600 watts/outout power 2 ohms 302 watts). The subwoofer is bridged-subwoofer is hooked to left channel bad-right channel high quality. I have 6 gauge strength and ground twine, the length of the energy cord run is around 10-11 feet . My headlighs and dash mild dim when the bass hits. I've attempted to "tune" the headlight dim out using zero for bass setting and the advantage on the amp turned to 50 and subwoofer putting zero-5. Seems no matter what setting, if the bass hits to wherein the music sounds accurate the lights dim. While the lighting fixtures dim i hooked a multimeter to the battery, and the voltage bounces from 14v to fourteen.8 volts. I installed a one hundred sixty amp alternator and now have the dimming lighting fixtures. The battery is a acdelco 600cca, and currently the truck starts without any problems at zero to -five stages so i assume the battery is right. Any recommendations?.

I'm looking to figure out the best gauge wire to attach a single four ohm 400rms subwoofer to a crunch gpv1100.2 amplifer that has those specs 2 x 250 w at four ohms, 2 x 500 w at 2 ohms, 1 x 1000 w at four ohms maxx strength. I am now not certain a way to cord the speaker to set the right ohms to make sure it's going to run properly with the amplifier i've, and i'm now not certain what gauge i want .

Lucas, those two amps would require a 1/0-gauge dual amp wiring kit like kicker's pkd1. When you get your amps up and jogging is the time to determine if the electric system needs upgrading or not.

My receiver block has like 18 gauge twine. Can i use 14 or 12 gauge twine to take it to the fuse field or have to i simply via a few 18 gauge cord and hold it the same? I'm simply hooking up a simple device with 6 x nine speakers for now.

Kevin, those two amplifiers may be exceptional sharing a unmarried four-gauge electricity wire. A high-quality all-in-one answer on your case could be to get a twin amp wiring package, like crutchfield's ckd4. This wiring package has everything you want: inline fuse for the main strength cable, fused distribution block for the 2 amps, or even a floor block so that you can floor your two amps to the equal spot.