wire hook pendant light Dining Room Light Update: Globe Pendant, My Yankee Roots 11 Brilliant Wire Hook Pendant Light Collections

11 Brilliant Wire Hook Pendant Light Collections

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Dining Room Light Update: Globe Pendant, My Yankee Roots - Hello. I would really like to swag my pendant as well, however my condo board does no longer allow drilling into the concrete ceiling. Can you propose an opportunity to installing a hook in the ceiling with out drilling into the ceiling? Thanks.

Thanks (and thanks to google for locating this put up)! I've been wrestling with this catch 22 situation and haven't completed anything about it due to the fact i didn't want to loop the wire across the conventional swag hooks.

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Extensively utilized this inventive method to hang my eating room mild. The container is about 18 inches away from the wall and completely unusable and the mild i purchased might appearance terrible with a sequence. Thank you so much!.

Has every person attempted this on an adjustable foundation? I'm looking for a way to have the pendant be diminished to full length while the eating table is in place, and be swagged to the better degree whilst the desk is moved. Hi keith! No its wasn't tough in any respect - the ceilings have been concrete, a pilot hole turned into drilled first and then the plug changed into gently tapped in with a hammer, and the cup hook screwed in by way of hand. Its been pretty a long time but i don't forget in lots of other locations in the condo where we had to drill into concrete (for placing photo frames or wall shelves) we ended up cutting the plugs with a application knife first in order that they weren't as lengthy (i will't don't forget if we had to try this for the pendant or not). Additionally i consider the precise drill bits for concrete were used. So this might assist in your scenario. Suitable success with it! ~ C.