wiring a micro switch How to, a micro switch, frog polarity, LED signalling, YouTube 15 Top Wiring A Micro Switch Pictures

15 Top Wiring A Micro Switch Pictures

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How To, A Micro Switch, Frog Polarity, LED Signalling, YouTube - Hello rod, right here's my idea for using your switches. In case you appearance, you may see that inside the yes picture, the transfer won't get crunched on a mild overtravel. Now, why does not it go the other manner ? Have you obtain a voltmeter ? Steve.

I guess maybe i have to have given a piece more info. The timer i have is a digital 12v dc timer that is able to settings of one to 30 seconds and can be set for frequently each day. What i used to be hoping to do is about the timer to energize it inside the am for approx 2 seconds and while my pinnacle micro switch reverses it, denergize it. Then within the pm energize it once more for approx. 2 seconds till the door is closed, switch kicks in and then denergize it. Again, i apoligize for my very restrained electrical knowledge however any wiring schematic needs to be quite simple please. I do not know what a w04g bridge is. Thank you.

Unluckily radio shack have not shown the wiring connections to the relay you have used. The center pin of the organization i have shown is meant to be the commonplace connection to the no and nc contacts. It commonly is, however, is it ? Or have they got it at one end ??? Steve.

Steve, i took the freedom of numbering your schematic so we would know what we are talking approximately. As i hooked up the wires with out the timer, i examined them with the battery. I did not have any problems till i mounted 3 on relay a to four on relay b. It shorted out at that point. I switched the motor leads with 3a and 4b and i should hear the relay click on however the motor did not run. Once more i went over all my connections and i'm sure i have it stressed in step with your schematic.

Hello rod, i have noticed an mistakes on my drawing that i've corrected - right here it is. There should not be a go over at the relay electricity connections. . Can you point me to a web page on the exact relay you got, so i can go take a look at my snap shots ? Neglect the timer, till this works. Put a transfer from in which you've got written "out" to the battery poor. Steve.