wiring a 4 way switch telecaster 4, Telecaster wiring diagram 4, Tele wiring mod. Switch Position Controls: 15 Best Wiring, Way Switch Telecaster Collections

15 Best Wiring, Way Switch Telecaster Collections

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4, Telecaster Wiring Diagram 4, Tele Wiring Mod. Switch Position Controls: - Start out with the aid of connecting lugs four and 10 collectively. You could either cross directly across as inside the wiring diagram, or as we have underneath, wrapping it round the switch. Both is high-quality, though it may depend upon the cavity depth of your telecaster. If it's miles a skinny frame, and consequently a shallow intensity, it might be first-rate to wrap it spherical.

The famous 4 way telecaster wiring mod goes one higher than the classic three way tele wiring. With wellknown telecaster wiring, the switch offers you the options of gambling the neck pickup, the bridge pickup and playing each in parallel. With the aid of upgrading to a 4 manner transfer, this mod allows you to play each pickups in collection, offering a fuller, fatter tone. The nice issue about this mod is which you clearly hold the traditional three manner options nevertheless available to you.

Transferring onto the four manner switch, familiarise yourself with the under diagram - it differs quite from a preferred 3 manner switch. There are 5 lugs on every aspect as adversarial the 4. To make it easier to apprehend, we have labelled the lugs 1-10 and will refer to them on this manner to any extent further.

Next, join lugs 2 and three collectively - both use a single piece of cord from lug to lug or use a barely longer piece which you could use to move down the facet of the transfer and again up as we have in the beneath photographs. You'll then want any other wire connecting lug three to the again or facet of the quantity pot. Use the underneath pix as a reference.

Earlier than moving onto wiring within the capacitor, you want to ground the unused lug at the extent pot. You could either bend it again onto the back of the casing and solder it in place, or, use a snippet of wire and make a connection that manner. Beneath, we have bent it returned onto the casing and soldered it. It truly is pretty an awful lot it - connect the pickups to the transfer and volume pot respectively (following the diagram) the neck pickup ground receives connected to lug five on the transfer and the second floor you introduced is going to the quantity pot casing. Join your jack to the extent output lug (middle) and floor it to the back of the tone pot. Take into account to connect the ground from the bridge to the harness as properly.