can you use 8 gauge wire for 50 amp circuit Eaton BR 50, 2 Pole Circuit Breaker 14 Perfect Can, Use 8 Gauge Wire, 50, Circuit Solutions

14 Perfect Can, Use 8 Gauge Wire, 50, Circuit Solutions

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Perfect Can, Use 8 Gauge Wire, 50, Circuit Solutions - This should be a truly antique container due to the fact i see a 50 amp breaker and a 30 amp breaker i d and essential breaker at the pinnacle and major breaker at the top. This field have to be a from the late from the late sixties. Or early seventies but since you're converting the box you'd be higher off with a square d. 200 amp field just determined this put up taylor i respond to it like a state is inside the backside. You only have a 50 in a 30 which makes makes a total of 80 amps.

To your first photo, underneath the phase entitled "most important scores", it surely states: a hundred twenty five ampere. That is the maximum potential of your load panel. In most houses, the sum of the scores of all of the circuit breakers will exceed this variety. This is due to the fact it is assumed that no longer all the masses might be on concurrently. Above that phase, under the "common wiring diagram", it states that there can be a maximum of 22 circuit breaker poles and that no circuit breaker can exceed 70 amperes. The latter may be the source of the 70 amp limit that your electrican noted. That said, one hundred twenty five amperes is too small if you are going to add relevant air con. Additionally, you have to have a primary breaker same to the capacity of your device so that if that capacity is passed (without exceeding any unmarried department breaker), the residence may be blanketed.

If more than 15 amperes waft via the breaker in slot 4 , that breaker will trip (open). This protects the wiring connected to that breaker. If more than 50 amperes glide through any aggregate of breakers on both leg a or b inside the department circuit sub-segment, the sub- section breaker will experience (open). This saves the wiring among the sub-section breaker, and the branch circuit breakers.

The next double pole breaker (50a) controls the waft of electricity to the lower segment of the panel. Not like the double pole breakers above, this one need to not have any terminals where wires can join. The decrease section is rated for a maximum of one hundred amperes, so the breaker shielding it need to be one hundred amp or much less (50a on your case).