how to install a ceiling light medallion I, NO idea these were SO EASY to install!!, SUPER inexpensive How To Install A Ceiling Light Medallion Popular I, NO Idea These Were SO EASY To Install!!, SUPER Inexpensive Ideas

How To Install A Ceiling Light Medallion Popular I, NO Idea These Were SO EASY To Install!!, SUPER Inexpensive Ideas

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11 Practical How To Install A Ceiling Light Medallion Galleries - We right now referred to as brad’s mom, who had given me an exquisite present for my birthday over a year in the past of imparting to shop for me the chandelier of my dreams if simplest i'd select one out already. After actually years of hemming and hawing over chandelier alternatives, we offered that issue in much less than 30 minutes.

First-rate idea about the table! I hadn’t notion of that, at all, however it's miles absolutely something i have to consider. Maybe if i stain the base darker? I’ve been gradual to dispose of the desk due to the fact, by using hazard, it is the precise ideal size for this room. And it'd be truely first-class no longer to should “make investments” in an entire new piece. Thanks!!.

I really like this aspect a lot. ?whenever i stroll to the front of the house i exclaim, “oh! ?what a quite chandelier!??  (you observed i’m kidding, but that is what i definitely do, and poor brad is walking out of witty retorts.).

After checking it in opposition to the chandelier, i put it up at the ceiling. I figured i would use the equal method i used for the patches in my garage, and put it up with adhesive caulk held on through painters tape while it dried. I put on my tape and then a thick border of adhesive caulk (associate hyperlink – read our policies).

I shared a bunch of alternatives that we had been thinking about, with a few mockups of how they’d appearance in our space. However the truth was that this wasn’t the start of the verbal exchange – this became one forestall along a completely lengthy and obsessive journey in chandelier-choice-considering which had been happening for over a yr. There were a whole lot of extra wires, and it became out that the wood beam in the ceiling truly wasn’t a beam, and sincerely wasn’t strong. ?we felt so lucky while brad’s pal’s dad, a stellar electrician, came over to help us. ?he and brad installed the element over the route of like 4 hours, and changed a few horrific wires while they have been at it.