metal wire hexagon shelves MyGift Metal Wire Hexagon Design Wall-Mounted Shelves,, of 3, Black: Home & Kitchen 10 Nice Metal Wire Hexagon Shelves Pictures

10 Nice Metal Wire Hexagon Shelves Pictures

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Amazon.Com: MyGift Metal Wire Hexagon Design Wall-Mounted Shelves,, Of 3, Black: Home & Kitchen - Love this concept and the way you’ve configured the hexagons. Just a couple of factors i'd have executed differently (and i'm able to handiest speculate as this product is now not to be had at kmart for me to strive): 1. I'd use black plastic cable ties to sign up for the hexagons- a whole lot quicker and no fiddling around with pliers. 2. I would upload every other horizontal wire rung to the front (maybe even two tiers) consistent with the grid styles already there. I would have used a few leftover robust wire i have (painted matt black to suit the relaxation) or an old plastic covered twine hanger. These can be glue-gunned onto the the front of the hexagons or, with a bit more issue, wrap the cord around the connecting rungs. This then could have resulted in a deeper region with which i'd…. Three. Line the recessed vicinity with black flexible fly display. I’d then fill it will soil and plant out the entire of the bottom element. You could then even reduce a few holes in the the front among the wire to poke a few hardy hanging succulents into so the the front and higher region is packed with plants. (Fly screen is superb for gardening, by the manner. It allows the soil to drain but doesn’t let something drop via. And, it’s honestly hardy. I regularly line pots with it to forestall soil falling via.) 4. I’m now not certain what you’re planning, but i’d genuinely positioned the whole lot a piece lower at the wall. For me (being shortish) i want to attain up to the pinnacle level effortlessly. I really like things like picture and televisions at eye-stage (particularly whilst sitting nearby)- by some means it seems greater balanced. But you do anything you need! It’s your location. Hope i’m not putting in my two-cents worth where it’s now not desired. Just thought i’d make contributions a few thoughts if each person is contemplating trying a comparable wall planter characteristic. Cheerio, lou. 7. Make sensible use of the lifeless space over a door body. It is an appropriate place to dangle a shelf for storage of out-of-season or bulky items. Stow your cover or air humidifier away till subsequent winter arrives.